About Afya Wote

Our products offerings are targeting the long-deprived mass, easily understandable, affordable, most preferred and uniquely new products. This is the result of an endless and continuous research works rigorously done by our experienced team in collaboration with some strategic insurance partners. These products are designed to carter for some specific requirements and therefore possess salient features that have been missing all along, as many insurance products have oriental origination, merely through copying from other insurance markets abroad, therefore fail to pertinently meet the requirements of our local market.


Having noticed this problem, and in line with our vision, we objectively decided to aggressively diversify into insurance product development in association with our good insurance partners. Our focus is geared towards supporting many Tanzanians who were deprived from using private medical insurance services even when they can afford. We have so far managed to introduce products which do not require much documentation that many local Tanzanians do not have, hence, losing the services. We also have managed to persuade and change the perception our principal insurers not to continue punishing disadvantaged children who do not have parents or birth certificates, which were initially denied medical insurance service just for that, and so many more.

We are now more than glad to tell you that AfyaWote (with Jubilee Insurance), AfyaMedics and AfyaPremia (both with Resolution Insurance) are the most preferred and affordable products that will quench the thirst of your health need.

We urge you to expect more from Zurich as product development initiative is an endless process. We are now in the verge of finalizing one more medical insurance product that will further transform medical insurance market with its outstandingly unique sales propositions.

Please be reminded that all these products are purchased digitally through our famously known Zurich AfyaApp as well as through an on-line purchase by filling a medical proposal available in this website.


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