Zurich Insurance Brokers (EA) Limited (alias “Zurich”) is a limited company registered in Tanzania with Certificate of Incorporation No. 79632, dated 1st November 2010, of P. O. Box 14310, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, with its registered Head Office at Plot No. 134, Magore Street, East Upanga, Ilala, Dar es Salaam. The Company is registered to carry on the business of Insurance in all forms to re-ensure or counter-insure all or any risks. We take this opportunity to explain and introduce to you our important and valuable partner.

Zurich, provides all types of insurance life and non-life; such as Motor, Fire and Allied Perils for all Assets and Properties, Burglary Insurance Covers, Marine Covers, Contractors All Risks policies, Bonds of All types, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance and many other.

Our Slogan

We believe insurance is a necessity and basic need for every human being. Many wonders why did we come up with this mathematical slogan, probably the only one in the entire regional insurance market, that is – “Insurance = Necessity = Basic Need”. Yes, we affirm and believing in our slogan as we trust that it can be mathematically proven and scientifically analyzed. As you would agree with us that “the world is increasingly facing dynamic risk challenges, which prevails in this contemporary business practices, both local and international as well as the entire life cycle. This disturbing fact has always been a hindrance to many success stories. Hence, it is the same fact that necessitated the need for counter measures to safeguard the interest of all businesses and general human tenure on earth – that is insurance service. Therefore, we qualify insurance service as a MUST for every person and businesses entity, hence, humans’ fourth basic need!
Our Core Values

Like any other company we have our mission and vision, Core values and the Bold Slogan which altogether depicts our Company Culture. Hence, we are glad to share our Company strong values namely; Customer centric, Integrity, Commitment and Innovation!


Our Staff

We are housing a cream of committed, competent, knowledgeable and qualified staff with high integrity that is embedded with the internally natured customer centric culture. We can consult, advice and run around for our clients when it comes to claim issues and represent them well while making sure claims are timely settled by the insurers.


Our Partners

Zurich wouldn’t be able to do all these if not the belief and trust on us. It would be therefore wise to take this opportunity to thank Jubilee Insurance, Resolution Insurance, Mgen Insurance, Sanlam Insurance, UAP Insurance and GA Insurance for opening their doors to collaborate with us in products innovation. eWallet Africa and Smart Policy for digital support, while KCB Bank and Equity Bank for agreeing on the Insurance Premium Financing Arrangements for our customers with tight cash flows to carter for insurance costs. The list can go on and on, though, last but not the least is the Tanzania’s Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) who agreed to partner with Zurich and Jubilee to distribute the one and only AfyaWote Medcical Insurance Scheme to all Tanzanians.


Zurich as Innovative, “yet, indigenously-owned” Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Times Magazine

In order to serve our customers better, we had earlier on, saw the need for insurance communication role, still the missing link between insurance providers and end users of insurance products, we hence focused on education to inform clients about the importance of insurance! That has been our paramount focus since day one. We therefore slowly started to develop and eventually established the one and only Insurance Times Magazine with its online platforms distributed all over East Africa region. For almost three (3) years now, the magazine has evolved from a mere insurance paper to become the Industry’s Voice for all insurance matters in Tanzania and partially reporting important developments across the region.

Pioneers in Innovative Insurance Products

At Zurich, we consider ourselves as the Pioneer and the Leading Broker in Designing, Promotion and Distribution of Innovative Insurance Products in association with our local and Regional insurers. We have been working extremely hard and hand-in-gloves with our strategic insurance partners and selling these products through our own-made Zurich Direct Sales Platform, team of aggressive agencies and brokers scattered all over the country. As we all know, Zurich is the innovator and the Super-Agent of the renowned AfyaWote Medial Insurance Scheme which is considered as the game-changer in provision of affordable medical insurance products, which change the industry belief on the perception of provision of insurance services to the mass. We have all been experienced all medical insurance companies following the same modal which we are glad to see it is in turn benefiting the general public and improve country’s insurance inclusion.


Digitalizing the Insurance Service Delivery to the Mass

Having accomplished those two areas as above, we deem it a right time now to seriously engage ourselves into crafting and molding digital insurance distribution platforms to easy and speeding up the distribution of our insurance products to the mass. In this regard therefore we hereby introduce to you our recent work; Zurich MotorApp and AfyaApp. The former, is built in conjunction with eWallet Africa and the later with a Tanzanian’s renowned broker support system – Smart Policy (IMATIC Technologies). All our partners have trust on our thoughts ever since we started, and are always more than willing to collaborate and work out our Brilliance! These Apps are going to be launched soon and widely promoted to be effectively and efficiently used.


Your One Stop Shop

Above all, we at Zurich are considering ourselves as the Insurance One Stop Shop in the country where apart from the insurance intermediation role every broker plays, we have been and continuing to contribute a lot into the insurance market in different perspective like (i). Communication role as explained above through the one and only Insurance Times Magazine. Also, (ii). Product innovation; the product designing that carters for mass, with its unique sales propositions and appropriate distribution strategies, (iii). Embracing technology by focusing and practically bringing into action the digital insurance through apps, (iv). A pool of Direct Sales Agents, all under one roof, without forgetting the (v). Strategic partnership with insurance principal companies as well as commercial banks for provision of insurance premium financing arrangements to guarantee a seamless insurance service delivery to our clients whilst complying with the insurance laws governing the industry. With all the above, it’s an obvious and vivid proof that “Zurich Insurance Brokers (EA) Limited” have managed to “Stand very Far Away from the Crowd”!

Therefore, Zurich literally pools all insurance stakeholders into its One Stop Shop experience, and provide all types of insurance services together with its related supporting services under One Roof.

Our CSR Role

Zurich believes in giving back to the society. Ever since we started our operation, we have engaged ourselves into different community based support activities wherever and whenever our financial position allows. Apart from several other, a notable one is our permanent community support at Kizimkazi Day since 2018. Kisimkazi is a birth place of the Woman Tanzania’s Vice President – Mama Samia Suluhu, where we are giving medical insurance education as well as some support work at the local school in that area. We are amongst few insurance brokers who give temporary employments to insurance students while pursuing their studies particularly students from Institute of Finance Management (IFM) – to mention only few. We, however, vow to continue extending our much needed support to as many people from different deprived parts of our society as possible, when our budget allows us to do so.
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